Tilting the Windmill to Harness the Wind

This blog is dedicated to a project intended to recruit a group of creative thinkers and adventurers who would like to bring their ideas and creativity to bear on a real project.

I need to implement a number of systems and ideas onto our “ocean-going tribal canoe” and I have decided to submit this  sub-project to my classmates on an open university course out of Penn State university https://class.coursera.org/cic-001/class/index

( Mission Statement. (This is a moving target and subject to modification and updating as new information presents itself.)

To use available materials, skills and resources to implement a mainsail wind propulsion and sail management system that is easy to use, efficient and innovative. The main challenge to overcome is to resist commercial and/or current and conventional practice and critics or to “re-invent the wheel”.

This project begins by listing, understanding and defining the existing and supporting components resources skills and limitations in order to better define the “to-be” and future improvements, limitations and opportunities and by reducing the overall project to a number bite sized sub projects that together will comprise the end result and success. Similarly fail-safes and methods must be incorporated to enable an alternative response to possible failures and the implementation of adapted, revised or completely different components or indeed the entire system. Initial sketches are produced and research into other similar projects undertaken to establish an informed framework.




About seashoes

I am Lawrence Huntingdon-Rusch, writing as Don Darkes. This choice of pseudonym is due to the fact that I am also writing a Biographical memoir provisionally titled, Darkest Africa My Life of Crime, the life story of an incredible man, Don Darkes, who was given this identity, at birth, in order to keep a secret and the fact that like him, my given name is also an accident of birth concealing my true heritage. I am fifty-something and have been ecstatically married for over three decades to my incredible wife Anne who bore me three miracle children. After repudiating my Psychology degree in the mid-seventies I served my mandatory National Military Service in a clandestine, top-secret unit stationed in (then) Rhodesia -for which I received a medal. (The subject of a novel in progress) During the eighties, at the height of apartheid, together with (then illegal) “black” partners I built a successful manufacturing company which I sold to buy the yacht upon which I was shipwrecked together with my wife Dianne, our five year old son Bill and four year old daughter Morgan. After returning destitute to South Africa I rode a ripple in the dot.com wave and cashed in my Internet start-up in order to distribute rare organic chocolate and to research a challenging historical novel, The Madagascar Plan, which explores an intriguing link between the Jewish Holocaust and Madagascar. Currently, together with my wife, son and two daughters we reside high off the ground amongst the branches of a Casuarina tree as the family works together to build another yacht whilst I also work on several books that have as a common denominator, my love of history and my belief that fact is stranger and far more interesting than fiction.
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