National Novel Writing Month. NaNoWriMo.

Whew! Its finally over. I decided to join the (Inter) National Novel Writing Month initiative which saw thousands of novelists from all over the world accepting the challenge to write a 50 000 word novel during the month of November. Of course this is the first draft of the manuscript and is not the completed article. Editing and rewrites can easily take twice or three times as long to complete as the first draft. Nevertheless the fact that novelists from all over the world were striving to write their novels during the alloted time acted as an incentive to get those 50 000 words down in time.

The manuscript I completed is the first draft of my next book 2nd Time Luck which catalogs part of the story of our journey as we sold up everything and moved to Zululand to build a Polynesian Tribal Canoe – also known as a Wharram-Like Catamaran. Although the first draft is complete I know that I shall change it completely before its ready to publish. I am having difficulty deciding what the book is actually about since I got sidetracked into issues like what it was like to return to “civilisation” after we were shipwrecked last time we attempted something like this. Like the first novel there are also a number of sub themes ranging from how Apartheid has changed and how we had to adjust to the new government to the burth of Luna and the dot com revolution. I am having difficulty deciding how to end this book as we are clearly still in the middle of the adventure, but for the moment I shall end this book when we launched our Yacht Sea Shoes.

Suffice to say I made the 50 000 word target and was awarded a winners certificate. Hooray for me. Now the real work begins.





About seashoes

I am Lawrence Huntingdon-Rusch, writing as Don Darkes. This choice of pseudonym is due to the fact that I am also writing a Biographical memoir provisionally titled, Darkest Africa My Life of Crime, the life story of an incredible man, Don Darkes, who was given this identity, at birth, in order to keep a secret and the fact that like him, my given name is also an accident of birth concealing my true heritage. I am fifty-something and have been ecstatically married for over three decades to my incredible wife Anne who bore me three miracle children. After repudiating my Psychology degree in the mid-seventies I served my mandatory National Military Service in a clandestine, top-secret unit stationed in (then) Rhodesia -for which I received a medal. (The subject of a novel in progress) During the eighties, at the height of apartheid, together with (then illegal) “black” partners I built a successful manufacturing company which I sold to buy the yacht upon which I was shipwrecked together with my wife Dianne, our five year old son Bill and four year old daughter Morgan. After returning destitute to South Africa I rode a ripple in the wave and cashed in my Internet start-up in order to distribute rare organic chocolate and to research a challenging historical novel, The Madagascar Plan, which explores an intriguing link between the Jewish Holocaust and Madagascar. Currently, together with my wife, son and two daughters we reside high off the ground amongst the branches of a Casuarina tree as the family works together to build another yacht whilst I also work on several books that have as a common denominator, my love of history and my belief that fact is stranger and far more interesting than fiction.
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