Is it a Yacht or a Treehouse?

We live on a yacht in a tree. So, is it a yacht, or a tree house or is it a tree-tent?

I reside together with my family aboard our yacht-a-building, as it rests on stilts upon the hard earth in the boatyard overlooking the spectacular Zululand Yacht club marina. We live nestled in the dappled shade cast by a whispering row of Casuarina Trees holding up a translucent green awning suspended high over our heads. Whilst it may be more truthful to say that we exist mired in coal dust and mud beneath a pair of bare catamaran hulls suspended between bare wooden beams all balanced precariously upon some worn-out forklift tyres and that the whole affair sits astride a small tent and that everything is hidden from view beneath a ragged shade net billowing from the branches of a weather beaten trio of needle-shedding pine trees then I shall not deny it. Admittedly our view over the moored vessels in the yacht basin is spectacular. The yachties call this living “on the hard” – (as opposed to living “on the water”)- and they are right. It is hard and very different to residing in a house or a floating yacht. Our living arrangements are a far cry indeed from our previous home a luxurious eight bedroomed home with a pool, tennis court, stables and manicured garden, you (and some of our friends and family) might say that we are crazy and I agree. Thank heavens I have multiple personalities.

Perhaps some of the motivations that led to our family making a unanimous decision to embark on this adventure, especially after being shipwrecked in a remote part of Madagascar twenty years ago may become apparent or perhaps irrelevant as I share some of our experiences with you. What I hope will be as interesting to you as is to me is how the attitudes, values, lifestyle, circumstances, motivations, history, adventures, sayings, doings (and screwings) and characters of the incredible people who populate our journey, differ from those who have opted to remain moored or mired in an orthodox suburban or terrestrial life.

If it is and you would like to follow or adventures as we journey onward- I know not where, follow us and drop me a line, telling me what interests you and what does not.


About seashoes

I am Lawrence Huntingdon-Rusch, writing as Don Darkes. This choice of pseudonym is due to the fact that I am also writing a Biographical memoir provisionally titled, Darkest Africa My Life of Crime, the life story of an incredible man, Don Darkes, who was given this identity, at birth, in order to keep a secret and the fact that like him, my given name is also an accident of birth concealing my true heritage. I am fifty-something and have been ecstatically married for over three decades to my incredible wife Anne who bore me three miracle children. After repudiating my Psychology degree in the mid-seventies I served my mandatory National Military Service in a clandestine, top-secret unit stationed in (then) Rhodesia -for which I received a medal. (The subject of a novel in progress) During the eighties, at the height of apartheid, together with (then illegal) “black” partners I built a successful manufacturing company which I sold to buy the yacht upon which I was shipwrecked together with my wife Dianne, our five year old son Bill and four year old daughter Morgan. After returning destitute to South Africa I rode a ripple in the wave and cashed in my Internet start-up in order to distribute rare organic chocolate and to research a challenging historical novel, The Madagascar Plan, which explores an intriguing link between the Jewish Holocaust and Madagascar. Currently, together with my wife, son and two daughters we reside high off the ground amongst the branches of a Casuarina tree as the family works together to build another yacht whilst I also work on several books that have as a common denominator, my love of history and my belief that fact is stranger and far more interesting than fiction.
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One Response to Is it a Yacht or a Treehouse?

  1. Anne de Robillard says:

    Well done! Wish I was going with you.

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